Custom Built

A website that reflects who you are

Project Overview

Our team of experts will guide you throughout the process

If you are thinking of consulting FixBoost and wish to ask us questions beforehand, we can help. In addition to answering your questions, we can provide a free and comprehensive evaluation of your project. You will obtain a detailed overview of the final result and get familiarized, without charge, with all the possibilities we offer.

Achieve your goals

You only need to inform us of what you wish to accomplish through your website, and we will assess the work which it will entail, as well as the steps necessary to its completion.

Crystal clear

The purpose of our free evaluation is to allow you to understand the way we proceed and the way our platform works.

Our themes

Get Inspired
Each theme has its own look, yet they have all been thought out to allow you to swap themes without having to rethink your content structure every time. Build your menu, and your work will automatically follow from theme to theme.

Innovation and Elegance
A successful website relies on three elements: a modern design, a user friendly interface and an appealing look. Put one of our themes to the test, and discover the joys of an easily built and navigable website.

Your Own Personal Touch
We believe that images greatly contribute to the message you wish to convey through your website. The very concept behind our themes provides a prominent place for your own visual materials on every page.

Former website assessment

An essential tool
A website is an essential tool for a company wanting to grow quickly. A bad website is a huge disadvantage for this type of company.

Our experts are there for you
The web is in constant evolution and it can be hard to stay up to date if you don't have a team working exclusively on that. That is why our experts are available to assess your former website in order to build a new one that will match what your company is looking for.

Observation and analysis
We observe and analyse the structure of the website in order to be able to adapt it to your new website. This allows us to determine the changes we have to make and build an efficient website for your company, and we avoid forgetting anything.

Photos and texts

Convey the right message
We believe that your image is a big part of the message you convey with your website. The way our themes are built allows you to keep the visual aspect that represents your company. You can upload a banner to each page and illustrate the texts to your liking.

Mixing old and new
We recover the texts and pictures that could be useful from your former website. You decide what you want to keep and this allows us to build a website that matches your company's image. You don't lose the content that you consider to be relevant.

Recovering your texts and images is an important part of building your website. This content will make your website unique and inviting.

Building - Writing

We do the work
We do the work for you and we take care of building your new website. You don't need to have advanced computing skills. We can upload the content (texts and images) you want, whether it's from your former website, or it's new content.

We create for you
We also have access to a huge database of images for your needs, and we have a team of skilled writers who can provide relevant texts that will be useful to your clients and that will help with the SEO aspect of your website.

A comprehensive website
No matter which area of expertise you work in, we offer websites built by experts with our resources. We are equipped to offer the best product!

Analysis and modifications

Once the website is built and the content is uploaded, the analysis can be made. You can make sure that everything meets your expectations. It is important to look at all the texts, images, menus, etc.


If you're not entirely satisfied with certain aspects, we can make the necessary changes. By that point, our goal is to have to make as little modifications as possible. Not because we don't want to meet your expectations, but because we work to meet them on the first try.


We wait for your final approval. You decide if the website is ready to be put online, and once it is, you can immediately take advantage of all the benefits you get with a new FixBoost website!


SEO aims to optimize your website's content in order to give it a better position on search engines by using keywords, links, bold text and backlinks.

Visitors and buyers
Using SEO helps you get more relevant traffic on your website. Relevant traffic consists in visitors who are interested in your services and who bring in sales.

Finding the balance
By using SEO, we aim to make every aspect of your website better. This allows us to make sure that the structure of your website and its content provide a good balance between the searches and the services you offer.
FixBoost wants to bring in more than just clicks. We want to help you convert those clicks into sales!


Speed, efficiency
We offer a quick, efficient, and reliable service for your needs regarding websites, in order to deliver the product in a quick, professional manner. We build websites efficiently and we deliver an aesthetically pleasing product. Our team pays attention to every detail in order to provide a quality product.

A dynamic service
Thanks to our proactive approach, we're always up to date with our client's files, and this allows them to easily use our platform with the information we provide them.

We listen to you
We are proud say we listen to what our clients have to say, and we do everything we can to find answers and solutions for them. We value customer service and our goal is to bring your projects to fruition quickly and in a way that makes it easy for you.

Save time

Easy and simple
We know you don't want to waste time learning how to build a website using complicated methods. Thanks to FixBoost, you don't have to. You can avoid having to look for information everywhere before being able to do something.

Variety and efficiency
We offer various aesthetically pleasing, efficient themes. You can choose the one that meets your needs and you can customize it. You will love our themes and the way our platform will allow you to easily edit your website.

Online in a second!
You don't need to have advanced computing skills. All you have to do is provide the content (texts and images), or let our creative team take over, in order to quickly have your website ready to go!

Qualified personnel

One team, one mission
Our motivated, committed, skilled personnel, allows us to reach our goals. Our team makes it easy for you. Thanks to the people who work hard every day, we are able to offer quality services regarding website building and SEO.

A job well done

The websites are well-built, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. We handle everything in order to make your experience enjoyable, and to build a website that will help your company have a good online presence, which will help it make quick progress.

Our priority: you
Each member of our team, whether they're a programmer, a writer, a salesperson, or a designer, is committed to reaching our goals: providing services that are adapted to our clients' needs and that allow them to have access to a quality product.

48-hour delivery

Speed, efficiency
The many steps that exist for building a website do not prevent us from doing the job quickly and efficiently. We deliver an efficient and aesthetically pleasing website in 48 hours. This allows you to see immediate results. Our team pays attention to every detail in order to quickly provide a quality product.

A dynamic service
Thanks to our proactive approach, we always remain informed about our clients' files, and we allow them to understand and use their websites effectively with the relevant information we give them.

We listen to you
We are proud say we listen to what our clients have to say, and we do everything we can to find answers and solutions for them. We value customer service and our goal is to bring your projects to fruition quickly and in a way that makes it easy for you.