We offer complete hosting

Remain the owner

With FixBoost
With FixBoost, you own and keep ownership of your domain name. This guarantees complete independence. If you decide to switch hosts, you can keep your domain name. We consider that owning your domain name is important. We want to give you more freedom and that is why we offer this service.

Unlike FixBoost, some hosts do not offer this service, and when companies decide to switch hosts, they lose their domain name.

The importance
Keeping your domain name means keeping the identity you have built for your company. It is important not to change it because the domain name is part of your company's image.

What is an EPP code?

How it works
The EPP code allows you to transfer your domain name. You have to get the code in order to be able to keep it when you want to switch hosts.

Obtaining the EPP code
If you want to transfer your domain name, you have to make a request to your host for your EPP code. They can then give you the code that is linked to your domain name.

By making this transfer, you don't lose ownership of your domain name and you don't have to get a new one when you switch hosts. You keep your domain name, no matter who the host is, and you avoid complications.

How to transfer?

Obtaining the EPP code
In order to transfer your domain name, you have to make a request for your EPP code to your host. They are then able to give you a code that is linked to your domain name.

Once you have the code, you can transfer to FixBoost and we can host your website using the domain name you already own.

Why should you transfer?
Transferring your domain name allows you to keep your company's online identity. This name represents your online address and it is an important part of your company.

Buy a new one

With FixBoost
If you don't already own a domain name or if you want to get a new one, you can always buy a new name. FixBoost allows you to easily and quickly do so.

Buying a customized domain name helps strengthen your image. It allows you to make sure your website reflects your company's identity.

We know that building a website can be complicated. That is why we simplify every step. We want you to quickly be able to get a quality product.

You own your domain name

With FixBoost
With FixBoost hosting, you are (and remain) the owner of your domain name. This way, you are totally independent; if you choose to move over to a new host, your domain name still belongs to you. We believe that your independence is essential, and our hosting policy reflects our wish to provide you with optimal freedom.

Unlike FixBoost, some web hosts do not offer that option. In such cases, businesses who wish to transfer to a different hosting service lose their domain name.

Why is it important?
Keeping your domain name allows your business to retain a recognizable identity for your customers. Your domain name becomes an important part of your company's image.

Fast and reliable

iWeb offers quality hosting. It is reliable, fast and secure. It is a well-known company, and that is why we use their services to host our websites.

Thanks to iWeb, FixBoost is able to offer an extremely reliable and fast website hosting service. Your visitors can enjoy smooth browsing at all times. Your website loads quickly, is efficient and stays available. This allows you to offer a great experience to your potential clients.

New experience
When they visit your website, your clients are able to experience something different from what they are used to on the internet. Your company and your product/service stand out from what the competition has to offer.


We know that computer security is extremely important. That is why FixBoost offers secure hosting for your website and your data. Your website and all the data related to it are protected at all times and the hosting we offer is secure and reliable.

In order to offer a secure, efficient and easy to use platform, we use modern and efficient technologies, such as HTTPS and SSL. They allow you to provide some peace of mind to your clients when they're on your website.

How it works
Our tools allow you to protect your clients' data when they're on your website. They can fill out forms or buy products without having to risk having their data stolen.


How it works
We use HTTPS technology four our websites. It is a combination of HTTP and SSL. It brings a safety element to the visitor's experience by guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity of the exchanged data.

Safe browsing
Your clients can safely browse and your company shows that it can be trusted. You offer a reliable, safe and complete service.

The FixBoost approach
We use the most recent and most efficient technologies in order to offer safe and reliable hosting, and a quality product. This also allows us to make our platform easy to use for our clients.


How it works
We use SSL, which is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network. It allows the authentication of a server, and confidentiality and integrity of the exchanged data.

Safe browsing
Visitors can browse safely because the information they provide cannot be stolen. You provide a safe service for your clients.

The FixBoost approach
We use the most recent and efficient technologies in order to provide you with safe and reliable hosting, and a quality product. We also make sure that our platform is easy to use for our clients.

What is it?

FixBoost offers reliable and fast hosting on the cloud. You get optimal performance and smooth browsing for your visitors. Your data is always safe and your website works under any circumstances.

How it works
With cloud hosting, your website doesn't have to share disk space with other websites, which makes reductions in speed very rare. Our hosting is powerful and provides fast loading for your website at all times.

When you use a traditional hosting service, various websites share disk space. This means that when one of the websites gets more traffic, it slows down the others. Cloud hosting eliminates this problem.


Technical difficulties
Various factors can put your data in danger, and they're sometimes unpredictable. That is why it is important to use a safe system that is built to protect your data.

The cloud protects your data in case of technical difficulties. There is always a backup that prevents you from losing any of your data. We manage everything for you so that your data can be safe without you having to do any of the work.

The hosting services we offer are safe and simple. We always do our best to simplify everything within our platform for you. We want you to have access to a quality product in just a few steps.

Peace of mind

FixBoost hosts your website on the cloud, which allows your data to be safe and gives you peace of mind. Your data is always safe, no matter what happens, and your website will always stay functional.

We manage the data
FixBoost manages the system for you. You don't have to deal with managing your website's data. We simplify every aspect related to managing your website and we offer an efficient, quality product that always keeps your data safe.

The best option
FixBoost offers the best and safest hosting option for your data. We know the loss of data is a big issue and that is why we offer a service that allows us to make sure our clients' data is safe.