7. Third Party Content

A. Linked Third Party Content 

 Fixboost enables you to link to images, animations, videos, audio, fonts, and other content hosted on third party websites (the ?Linked Content?). As a registered user, your creation is saved by Fixboost, but this is separate from the Linked Content, and the existence of your creation in Fixboost does not affect in any manner the ability to view or use Linked Content. If the Linked Content is no longer available or accessible to a user, then those portions of your creation that reference the Linked Content will not work.

Fixboost may provide its users the ability to embed images, animations, videos, audio, fonts, and other content owned or provided by third parties into Fixboost created content. In such case, the use of such third party content shall be subject to the compliance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and in addition, the terms of use / end user license agreement of the third party owning or providing the used content. The terms for the use of any Applications offered by Fixboost shall be according to the specific terms set forth below. 

B. Third Party Content

Fixboost may provide on the Website (including in the editor and/or in templates offered to the Users) certain content such as pictures, fonts, graphical items which are subject to proprietary rights of third parties ("Third Party Content"). You acknowledge and agree that Fixboost shall have the right, at any time, at is sole and exclusive discretion to: (i) remove from the Fixboost Website and/or disable access to such Third Party Content; or (ii) demand that you immediately remove such Third Party Content from any website or other web platform created and/or published by you on the Fixboost Website ("Your Fixboost Content"). If you do not obey to such instructions, and you do not remove the Third Party Content from Your Fixboost Content within no later than 24 hours from the time on which Fixboost provided you the relevant notice, FIXBOOST SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISABLE THE ACCESS TO YOUR FIXBOOST CONTENT AND/OR DELETE IT AT ITS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE DISCRETION, WITH NO LIABILITY TO FIXBOOST, AND YOU SHALL NOT BE ENTITLED TO ANY REIMBURSEMENT OF ANY AMOUNT PAID BY YOU TO FIXBOOST. 

To remove any doubt it is hereby made clear that the provisions of this section above shall apply to any content provided to Users on the Website and which Fixboost requires its removal for any reason. 

You shall: (i) not take any action of reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling of any Third Party Content in a manner that enables Users to download such Third Party Content; (ii) not make any modification, duplicate, distribute, display, sublicense, retransmit, reproduce, create derivative works from, transfer, sale or other use of any Third Party Content, except as specifically provided and allowed by Fixboost; and (iii) use the Third Party Content in a manner consistent with the restrictions set forth in the Website and as may be updated from time to time.