12. Ownership of Content

Fixboost does not have the ability to determine the actual owner of content created and/or uploaded to the Website. Accordingly:

(i) in respect to content (such as websites, webpages and widgets) created and/or uploaded to the Website by a free User (and which Fixboost has not been paid for), the owner of such content shall be considered as the Fixboost User listed as the owner of the Fixboost account under which the content has been created 

or uploaded to the Website; 

(ii) in respect to websites created on Fixboost's Website and which have an external URL (i.e. a domain name imported or purchased as part of an "Upgrade"), Fixboost shall consider the owner of such website as the person or entity registered as the owner of the domain according to the WHOIS database as provided on the www.whois.net website. To remove any doubt, the identity of the person or entity that has paid Fixboost for the Charged Services shall not be considered by Fixboost as creating any ownership or other rights in or in relation to such website;

Fixboost shall not provide any information and/or details regarding any content created or uploaded to the Website other than to the owners of such content as determined above.